The Alligator People (eng review)

I envy Brad and his stunning eyebrows and fancy description for films. So therefore I've decided to try and write a review in bad english! And today it's time to witness the HORROR (trademark), the EXPERIMENTS (trademark) of...THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE!
Boy, I was so hungry I started to eat mah own hand!
Wayne is an expert-doctor guy who arrives at a company to talk to his friend. The friend brings in his co-worker, Jane and they put her under trance. Why? All so Wayne can see for himself, and ofcourse hear her experience. It shows that Jane's real name is Joyce and that she was supposed to be married to Paul (Lon Chaney). But Paul get's a telegram and leaves the train. In desperation she search for him and find a clue in the Bayou. Linked to an old house called "The Cypresses". The place crawls with alligators and there's some secret hidden in this house....
The film was made 1958 but it runs like a 30's film. Slow, overdrammatic in score and not very well-aged. It is however a curiousity. Best part is the super-mega-angry guy who yells at alligators and who lost his hand in some alligator attack. The locations are pretty cool. And there's a fight in a small cabin that looks like a really badass stunt-show.
What? Do I have something in mah face?
Overall, nothing happens until the last 10 minutes. And that moment isn't really worth it. The title of....ALLIGATOR PEOPLE! is overrated. More like....ALLIGATOR MAN!!!! is making more of a statement of this picture. I would love to have seen a whole colony of alligator people. 
2,5 out of 5 goldencameras.
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